on soulmates

As social beings, we are constantly moving, changing, developing. We continuously chase after different materialistic goods, dreams, desires and satisfaction. Our soulmates are the ones who step in, and rattle up our idea of a conventional world- they show you how to paint with colours that are not constrained by the limits of the rainbow; they are that missing puzzle piece that you are looking for that very second.

These people waltz into your life and unknowingly, transform gaping holes of emptiness into memories of happiness, laughter, and brightness. Fulfilled, complete and feeling as a whole, you do not know, and simply cannot revert to life without these people, for they have sculpted you into the person you are proud of being today. These people create the city you’re living in. They make you feel so carefree, and more importantly, so light.

When your lover breaks up with you or your best friend moves to a different country, you are devastated. I remember meeting my best friend in Year 9. She was my better half and taught me the value of real friendship. When she left Hong Kong to go to boarding school in the UK, I loathed her for it. I felt like she abandoned me to the empty shell of a dead-end city.

Fast forward 7 years down the line, and here I am still referring to her as my best friend. The off-chance we are both in the same city, we would still lie on her hammocks, stargaze with dry red wine, and gossip about work, love and life. Conversation is always effortless.

We all have many different soulmates – each exist for a particular purpose, to enrich and fulfill a particular hollowness. We relate to those we think will make us a better person and like chameleons, we take a little bit of our soulmates and lock them up in our hearts.

But at the end of the day, we are all human and we subject to change. Soulmates exit your life as easy as they enter it.  You may meet again one day, but when that day comes, maybe you don’t need them anymore. They live a different life, you live a different life – maybe you both have moved on.

We have all grown to be strangers. Maybe they’re no longer your soulmate, but just a fragment from the past, reminding you of the memories that you used to hang onto so tightly.

You thought you could not live without them but, look at you. You’re alive.


(Sent from Faro, Portugal)

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