art: body and (negative) space

art: body and (negative) space

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Artist Statement

Our body is a temple; our body is a vehicle. It transports us through isolated moments in time, for the reasons that your mind and heart controls. It’s the executor, the sensitive champion of action and movement. Fragile, it may be, the body is what actualizes our desires.

Body and (Negative) Space is a study of the human body – it’s form, existence and interactions with the external world. Physical, mental. We crave a brush, a graze, a caress, a gentle stroke. We react with a light jacket of goosebumps under the soft pressure of a lingering touch. Fingertips fluttering every so lightly, dancing across the milky smoothness of velvet skin.

This series focuses on the way we maneuver through the density of life and the emotions we evoke from these journeys.



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