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Hey you,

Welcome to sent you a postcard.

I am Andrea and my goal in life has always been to chase whatever leaves me unsatisfied. I have always been a curious one, a lover, an explorer, a thinker, a dreamer. I am a chameleon. Always changing, always adapting. 

My quest is to inspire and be inspired. It’s to constantly walk on the side with the greener grass, and to shoot for the moon then land among the stars. The path is always swerving and turning and never quite going the way you expect. But hell, we all might as well have fun while we’re riding that high and beautiful wave.

send you a postcard was born with a desire to share the many different colours I use to paint this world. It is a peek into my conscious, to the many random ladders of thoughts, experiences, and of course, the wild ideas.Human connection excites me. Learning is my drug.

I hope my blog will push you to explore new perspectives, embark upon new journeys and fall madly in love with discovery. I hope to capture the rollercoaster of life with the magic of prose. I hope that big or small, my writing moves you and most importantly, I hope that sometime, somewhere, a little part of something is inspired.